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My name is Mrs. Patricia Chinua from Mongolia.

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Mrs Patricia Chinua
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Mrs Patricia Chinua
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My name is Mrs. Patricia Chinua from Mongolia,
I know that this message might come to you as a surprise because we
don't know each other nor have we ever met before but accept it with
an open and positive mind. I have a Very important request that made
me to contact you; I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer disease which
doctors have confirmed and announced to me that i have just few days
to leave, Now that I’m ending the race like this, without any family
members and no child, I just came across your email contact from my
personal search.

I’m a business woman from Mongolia dealing with gold exportation here
in the Republic of Burkina Faso. I have decided to hand over the sum
of ($10.5 Million Dollar) in my account to you for the help of
orphanage homes/the needy once in your location to fulfill my wish on
earth. But before handing over my data’s to you, kindly assure me that
you will take only 50% of the money and share the rest to orphanage
homes/the needy once in your country, Return to enable me forward to
you the bank contact details now that I have access to Internet in the
hospital to enable you contact the bank, always check your email
always remember me for doing good.

Your early response will be appreciated.

Yours Faithfully,
Mrs.Patricia Chinua

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