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Forwarded as received. Breaking news on India covid situation Below msg from my x AIMST Colleag...

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Forwarded as received.

*Breaking news on India covid situation *
Below msg from my x AIMST Colleague who was supposed to go to India to help but plane diverted back to Pg. Total air lockdown on in India. Very serious there.


New mutation is giving false negatives in Nasal swaps. The virus is now hitting straight into the lungs. It is carrying on no symptoms like fever or cough. Just body-ache, weakness, loss of appetite.

Patients go from mild condition to extreme life and death situation within 8 to 10 hours.

Patients that have previous recovered from COVID19 in last year or so are at higher risk as their respiratory system is still not fully recovered.

When they get the new mutation their fatality rate is much higher.

We are receiving data from across India and it is not just alarming, it is an absolute disaster of historical proportions.

We suspect Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh will all now be experiencing the new mutations of virus and face a dire situation just like India.

Our colleagues in small towns across India especially North Eastern regions are saying it is a battle we have already lost. It is now damage control and save as many lives as possible.

We have seen 400 plus children just in our district die within 10 to 12 hours. Intitial period they showed no symptoms and within hours their oxygen levels dropped and deceased.

We have also attended to several patients who traveled into Mumbai from overseas and had received their jabs and ended up contracting the virus and 17 out of 28 have died.

Health services both in public and private hospitals have collapsed. Rich, middle class and poor all are affected and it is spreading fast, very fast.

Any further mutation or variants will potentially be a doomsday scenario.

This is a WARNING go to extreme precautions for everyone in your household.

From children to elders this virus is no longer containable in India. Our government and systems have failed. No one could have ever anticipated this.

For all other developing countries with weak healthcare systems please note this is beyond all our capacities.

Let’s work towards trying to stop the spread even if it means an ironclad lockdown or else the only thing we will have left is a body count statistic that would make the Spanish flu look like a non event.

Message from Dr Pradeep Senha
Sassoon General Hospital

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